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Hello! And welcome to Creators Coaching Co.

I’m Ana – A successful blogger and content creator at fiddleleafblog.com (IG: @fiddleleafinteriors). My work has been on the cover of American Farmhouse Style, in San Diego and Cottages and Bungalows magazines, and featured in numerous online publications including TODAY.com and HGTV Canada!

As a content creator and blogger over the past few years, I have learned SO much. But I remember going it alone and it was tough. In a world that tells you your have to check all the boxes (college, grad school marriage, baby, house, etc etc), I decided to pave a different way for myself. I decided to create a career I actually LOVE to show up to every day. And this is it! (Yup, paid a heck of a lot for a law degree and here I am! Hi, Mom!) 😜 But sharing and coaching people in this industry right along side of me is what sets my soul on fire. Watching other women succeed and grow… there’s just nothing better. And that’s what I want for you!

On a different note, I have also experienced first hand the importance of building a business I own through my blog. Social media is great, but it can go away tomorrow – whether it be through an algorithm change, getting hacked, or the social media company going out of biz – you just never know. And if your entire business is built on a platform that you don’t have access to tomorrow, what do you have? NADA!

All this to say, I founded Creators Coaching Co. for these reasons. To share my passion for blogging and building an online business, away from the exhaustion of the social media rat race. I want to create a place for YOU to learn, grow, and collaborate. I’ll share my wins, my losses, and will always be fully transparent with you here. I hope to inspire you, push you, and maybe even coach you through one of my amazing programs in the future! And if you’re ready to start your own blog but aren’t sure how to get started, or maybe you’ve started but don’t know how to grow/profit, then sign up for my FREE blogging workshop HERE.

I can’t wait to get to know you better! And if you ever need to contact me, don’t hesitate to reach out at info@creatorscoachingco.com.



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